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All about Puggles!

They’re wildly popular, positively adorable and purely irresistible…They’re Puggles, and they just might make the perfect puppy addition to your family!

Puggles are the latest in trendy 'designer dogs' to hit the canine market. A fairly new hybrid breed, the Puggle is produced by mating a first-rate female Beagle with a top-quality male Pug. The result is a family-friendly, fun-loving pooch with an affectionate personality (not yippy, annoying or insecure) and an attractive appearance.

Puggles are everywhere these days, making regular appearances in newspapers, magazines and on television programs like The Today Show, Regis & Kelly and Good Morning America. It’s no wonder why pet stores across America are having trouble keeping Puggles in stock. One news story recently reported that these popular pups currently equal half of all mixed-breed sales.

Their new-found fame isn’t too astounding. After all, who wouldn’t want a puppy known for being low-maintenance, loyal and lovable?

Though its exact origin is a mystery, it’s speculated that the Puggle was accidentally created when a Pug broke out of his kennel and snuggled up with a Beagle for a night of doggy romance. The puppies that resulted are a 'Made in the U.S.A.' brand of mutt that is free of any known congenital defects or health concerns which plague many pure-bred dogs.

Puggles are available in a variety of colors—namely black, beige, silver or brindle (a black, fawn and white-spotted mix)—but they tend to be tan with a black muzzle. Because of this characteristic, Puggles have earned the nickname 'miniature mastiffs', after another canine bearing the same facial feature.

Other physical traits of the Puggle include a stocky build, short legs, smooth coat, curly tail, wrinkly face and droopy ears. Its eyes don’t bulge and its nose isn’t short and wrinkled like its Pug daddy, nor does it howl or show an inclination to run away like its Beagle mommy. Instead, the loose-skinned offspring bears a look all its own, attracting dog lovers left and right. Another plus to the Puggle is its snout. Because it is slightly longer than the Pug, there is no reason to be concerned about the breathing troubles typically associated with the Pug breed.

As adults, Puggles and Pocket Puggles still appear to be mere pups! They only get as big as 14-20 pounds and grow as tall as 13-15 inches high at the shoulder. Puggles do shed, but their short-haired coats and miniature statures make this a relatively small inconvenience.

Puggles and Pocket Puggles require a small amount of care. Only the usual grooming procedures apply: simply brush them, bathe them, clip their nails, take care of their ears and apply lotion to facial creases as needed, and they’re good to go!

The Puggles' and Pocket Puggles' temperament makes this puppy the perfect companion! Not only does the Puggle get along well with people (adults and kids alike), the easygoing and sociable pups also do well with other dogs and household pets. Boys love to 'rough house' with the resilient dogs, while girls love to cuddle with them — and the Puggles love to do both! They are energetic and love playtime, but they take pleasure in leisure, as well. (Just be sure to keep a Puggle in a cool place during hot summer days, as it could be prone to heat-related illness.)

Puggles are also good listeners, making them easy to train. They can learn basic canine commands and can even be trained to use a litter box. Be gentle when teaching a Puggle, though, as they are sensitive to the tone of a person’s voice.

Its temperament is truly ideal. Puggles and Pocket Puggles are warm, calm, and intelligent. As adults, they are known to be loyal companions. The Puggle breed has been proven to positively alter a family’s chemistry, providing those around it with a sometimes much-needed boost.

No matter what you’re looking for in a puppy—a playmate, cuddle buddy or just the right pet—you’ll find that our Puggles and Pocket Puggles make the perfect pick!

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